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Why I like Being a Real Estate Agent

   Sometimes people ask me what I like being a real estate agent. Other times people ask me why they should choose me to sell their house or to find a new home. Well, I gave those questions some thought and here are my answers….
1.     Meeting new people- my clients have touched my life in different ways and I sincerely enjoy helping them.  Some are facts and figures people and want to strictly get down to business. Others are emotional and like to chat about their lives which is often very enjoyable. I have to say that I have learned a lot from my clients.


2.      Being out and about- my job is not boring. It would be difficult for me to sit at a desk all day. I am always active… you may find me walking the streets delivering “Just Listed” postcards in a neighborhood, going out on a listing presentation or showing buyers potential homes. But with all the technology out there, I am reachable 24/7 (well, maybe 12/7).


3.       Learning new things- I don't claim to have all the answers, but if I don’t know the answer to something.. I  will research it and find out. Here are some situations that I have had to learn more about and problems I have solved:


a) Aluminum wiring- Aluminum wiring in a house can pose some problems. For more information on what to do about that, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website at:http://www.cpsc.gov/CPSCPUB/PUBS/516.pdf


b) Mold- Some mold can be dangerous and is important to identify. Certain mold, including toxic mold, should be treated only by a professional. Find more information on mold here:http://www.cdc.gov/mold/cleanup.htm 
c) Radon- Repeated exposure to radon gas can pose lung problems if it is above 4 pCi/L. At or above this level of radon, the EPA recommends you consider installing a radon remediation system to reduce your exposure. For more information visit:http://www.radon.com


c) Termites- Termites can cause a lot of damage to a home. Often, you can tell if you have termites if you notice what looks like dried mud tubes. To learn what to do about termites, visit:http://termiteshq.com/6signs-termites-infested-home




d) Gas line easements- Rights-of-ways and easements provide a permanent, limited interest in the land that enables the pipeline company to install, operate, test, inspect, repair, maintain, replace, and protect one or more pipelines within the designated easement. Generally, property owners are prohibited from installing any structures, storing anything that could be an obstruction, or planting trees or shrubs along the right-of-way.




e) 203-k construction loans- These loans are used to repair or rehabilitate single family homes. These loans help you finance a "fixer upper." To learn more, visit:http://porta.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=program_offices/housing/sfh/203k


f) Home warranties- Some sellers offer a one year home warranty to the buyer, which usually covers the cost of repairing appliances (minus deductible) if something goes wrong. They are relatively low cost. Check these out at: http://www.ahs.com


g) Home owner's insurance for investment properties- If you have a rental property, it is best to let your insurance company know, as this situation requires a special type of policy. Compare different companies at: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/insurance/renting-out-a-home-get-right-insurance-1.aspx


h) Historic home remodel requirements- If your home is considered historic, or in a historic district, you probably can't just put up any new front door for example. If your property is located in a designated historic district, you may need to seek the approval of the local Historic Preservation Commission before remodeling the exterior.

i) Raw land- Many lenders are not willing to lend money to purchase raw land. In addition, there are many other thing to consider such as whether the land has access to public utilities (electric, water or sewer) or if the land will support a septic system. A perc test and survey will need to be done as well. For other considerations, visit:http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/4584/home_improvement/getting_raw_land_not_a_raw_deal.html


i) Underground storage tanks (USTs)- USTs can pose problems if they have corroded and are leaking substances such as oil. If you are concerned about USTs on your property, contact the appropriate company and they can do a sweep for one to see if one is present and determine whether the soil has been contaminated.


k) Short sales- Short sales are potentially better for your credit then letting your home fall into foreclosure. Short selling involves a multi step process you go through to get your mortgage lender to approve a lesser amount than what you owe. This often happens because a home was purchased at the height of the market, around 2006 and now must be sold for less, as market values have decreased since that time. 
So, I hope your career is as rewarding as mine is. In my next blog post, I will write about what my clients like about me. 

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